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World Dice Tour 2 : Episode 6


The unpredictable dice-rolling travel show, "World Dice Tour 2," returns. The trio of top travel creators, Pani Bottle, KWAKTUBE, and Woji from Wonji's Day, embark on a journey full of surprises that transcend seasons. The more they roll the dice, the more enjoyable their journey becomes! Pani Bottle is an expert at hard living and has fully awakened to the viewers' needs. Wonji, an animal expert, becomes full of emotion and successfully communicates with animals only when traveling. KWAKTUBE is a travel creator who is unfamiliar with travel, and he interprets everything uniquely. Their unpredictable journey begins again as they dive into the board game following the dice. Who will emerge as the victor in the content war that starts within the upgraded board game with a new rubric that surpasses Season One?

Tags Variety,travel,Ro Hong Chul,Joo Woo Jae,Pani Bottle,Won Ji,Kwaktube,World Dice Tour 2,Wavve America

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