Under the Power : E46


Lu Yi, an elite officer of Jinyiwei, the Emperor's guards, is ruthless and authoritative but doing best at his job. One day, he clashes with Yuan Jin Xia, a female police officer, about investigating a case. The path of the two keep crossing as they investigate the same cases, but Lu Yi barely tolerates Jin Xia, an intelligent, feisty, and good-hearted girl. Their unpleasant relationship changes when the Emperor orders Lu Yi to investigate a corrupt case secret investigation. Jin Xia joins Lu Yi's team, and the two get close when they understand each other's personalities and way of thinking. As the investigation goes on, the team finds out that it can be a part of the bigger conspiracy that might shake the nation.

Tags Drama ,Romance ,Historical ,Ren Jia Lun,Tan Songyun,Under the Power ,HK Regen

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