The Wild Days : E109


Doo-han is the son of Kim Chwa-jin, the general of the Korean Independence Army and a war hero. As a boy, he lost his mother and grandmother, and his alcoholic and gambling addict uncle became his new guardian. When the uncle takes away Doo-han's watch that the general gave him to give in pawn, he robs the pawnbroker, a greedy Japanese, and runs with the watch and the ledgers that documented every debt the Koreans have to him. As he arrives in Seoul, Doo-han befriends beggars at the Kwangkyo bridges and soon becomes their leader. Time passes, and Doo-han, now a young man, jumps into the world of gangsters, where the violence and the honor among the gangs rule the alley of the colonized Seoul.

Tags Drama,Period,Ahn Jae-mo,Kim Young-chul,Park Jun-kyu,Lee Won-jong,The Wild Days,SBS

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