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The Forbidden Marriage : Last Episode


Until a new crown princess is selected, everyone's marriage has been on hold in entire Joseon for seven years. Therefore, all young men and women have been banned from marriage for seven years. So Rang is an owner of a tea shop and a fake matchmaker who scams young people during this unfortunate time and even scams the king while being arrested. Somehow, she gets stuck in the palace and becomes a court maid. Lee Heon is an uxorious husband and a king who still misses the late crown princess and is unable to move on for seven years. One day, he hears the news that So Rang is possessed by the late crown princess, so he decides to meet her. Will Heon be able to find a new crown princess?

Tags Drama,romance,historical,Park Joo-hyun,Kim Young-dae,Kim Woo-seok,The Forbidden Marriage,MBC

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