Stove League : Preview 1


The Dreams has been the weakest team of Professional Baseball League; they are notorious as the most dysfunctional team in history; coaches have fistfights, rookies refuse to join the team, baseball fans condemn Dreams as the disgrace of baseball. But, a change is coming as in the form of the new general manager, Baek Seung-soo. His specialty is to take weak teams in the various sports leagues to the top. On his first day of work, he demolishes malice routines in the team, which upsets everyone: executives get alerted, players complain, and staffs feel confused and excited to Seung-soo's uncompromised moves. Can the new general manager make a miracle that can save the Dream from the pit and push them to the top?

Tags SBS, drama, sports, stove league, Namgoong Min, Park Eun-bin, Oh Jung-se, Cho Byung-gyu, Son Jong-hak, Lee Jun-hyuk, Yoon Byung-hee, Kim Do-hyun, Kim Soo-jin, Park Jin-woo, Kim Ki-moo, Hong Ki-joon, C

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