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National Wife : E75


Cho Hee is a wife who struggles to afford a house in Gangnam for the sake of her daughter's education. Despite her effort to move to Gangnam for better life quality, she finds herself lost due to the constant increase of housing prices. Cho Hee's husband Nam Gu, is an idealist who has no self-awareness of reality, despite the fact that he had become a full-time university professor thanks to Cho Hee's devoted support. Cho Hee's family used to be wealthy and successful, but ever since her father-in-law passed, she is now burdened with her in-laws' problems as well. With all these obstacles in her path, will she be able to settle in Gangnam and find happiness?

Tags Drama ,Soap Opera ,Han Da-gam,Shim Ji-ho,Han Sang-jin,National Wife,KBS

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