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Cruel Temptation : E60


Eun Jae is a pretty girl with a good personality who excelled in art. However, when she starts dating Kyo Bin, her brother's friend, she becomes pregnant and ends up marrying him. Due to a brutal married life and constant conflict with her in-laws, she suffers a miscarriage. Her husband, Kyo Bin, constantly flirts and cheats with other women, but Eun Jae is the one forced to sign divorce documents because of an incident. It turns out the woman whom Kyo Bin was seeing on the side was Shin Ae Ri, Eun Jae's friend of over ten years and someone whom she considered a sister. After being abandoned by the people she trusted the most, she plans an elaborate plan to take them down.

Tags Drama,Soap Opera,Jang Seo-hee,Byun Woo-min,Kim Seo-hyeong,Cruel Temptation,SBS

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