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Adventure by Accident 3 : E02


After dreaming of starting his life anew and traveling to Uyuni Salt Flat and Indian crematoriums, Kian84 sets out to the primordial sea. With Pani Bottle, the genius traveler, Dex, who is in his element, and Lee Si Eon, Kian84 searches for wilderness and happiness in the mysterious land that holds primitive nature, Madagascar. The freedom they feel by the sea of the last oasis on Earth, an island located in Southeast Africa, excites them. Kian84, who adapts well without verbal communication, Pani Bottle, the pro diver who dives into every body of water he sees, Dex, who suits the emerald color of the ocean well, and Si Eon, who has returned to keep his loyalty, together seek beauty on the other side of the globe. Why don't we sail out with the four men?

Tags Variety,travel,reality show,Kian84,Pani Bottle,Dex,Lee Si Eon,Adventure by Accident 3,MBC

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