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Woman in a Veil : Special


Gyeo Ul witnesses her husband, Yu Jin, having an affair with her friend, Ae Ra, who becomes the target of her revenge. It causes Gyeo Ul to lose her eyesight and suffer from lock-in syndrome out of shock. Coincidentally, Gyeo Ul gets involved with Se Rin, the heiress who owns everything. Se Rin is an arrogant and cold-hearted woman who looks down on people and does not hesitate to take revenge on whoever stabs her in her back in return. What evil will she do when she faces unexpected chaos that makes her blood boil? What will be the end of this fierce revenge on the painful truth of Tae Yang, who Se Rin has a crush on, Se Rin, Gyeo Ul, Yu Jin, and Ae Ra?

Tags Drama,Melodrama,Choi Yoon-young,Lee Chae-young,Lee Sun-ho,Han Ki-woong,Woman in a Veil,KBS

Woman in a Veil - Episode

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