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Thumbnail Battle : The Strongest Hearts : E02


Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong's show returns after 12 years. Every week, the hottest stars appear and introduce their hippest stories as thumbnails. The talk will be conducted in a team battle between Ho Dong and Seung Gi teams, and the team with the stories that are more popular will win. Fixed panels are also made up of the hottest people these days. YoungTak, Kim Ho Young, Lee Ji Hye, Eom Ji Yoon, and Son Dong Pyo of MIRAE. Look forward to the return of the two MCs who showed off their perfect teamwork numerous times through SBS's legendary entertainment show!

Tags Variety,talk show,Kang Ho Dong,Lee Seung Gi,Lee Ji Hye,Youngtak,Thumbnail Battle : The Strongest Hearts,SBS

Thumbnail Battle : The Strongest Hearts - Episode

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