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Three Bold Siblings : E01 - 09/24/2022


The romance blossoms between the oldest daughter and the oldest son, who has endured and supported their families for a long time, when they finally decide to find their own happiness. Tae-joo, the oldest of three siblings, has sacrificed herself to support her family and siblings. But when her job frustrates her, and her family keeps testing her limit, she decides to quit and find what she really wants. Sang-joon has been an A-list actor for two decades, and his income has supported his family, from his grandmother to his nephews. On the verge of change in his acting career, he decides to put his happiness first and foremost. Its start is to be with his first crush in elementary school, Tae-joo.

Tags Drama,Lee Ha-na,Lim Ju-whan,Kim So-eun,Lee Yoo-jin,Three Bold Siblings,JTBC

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