The Wind Blows : E14 - 11/24/2022


Soo-jin and Do-hoon got exhausted after the brief happiness in marriage. Soo-jin wanted to have a baby to cement their bond, but Do-hoon refused, saying he would never have a child. Trying to find out what Do-hoon thought of them, she disguised herself as a beautiful woman named Yoo-jung and seduces him, which he accepts. Disappointed that Do-hoon doesn't love her anymore, Soo-jin files for divorce, and the two get separated. Five years later, they happen to meet again, and she discovers the big secret he is desperate to hide from her.

Tags Drama,Kam Woo-sung,Kim Ha-nuel,Kim Sung-chul,Kim Ka-eun,The Wind Blows,JTBC

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