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The Two Sisters : E89


Lee Hye Won, the general manager of Judan Arts Foundation, is Do Eun's sister, and Hye Won is engaged to Ji Chang, the perfect guy who loves her unconditionally. Due to their parents' divorce, Hye Won and Do Eun were forced to live separately during childhood. Hye Won followed her dad and was abused by her stepmother. Now that she can finally live happily ever after, her life starts to get miserable. She finds out that Do Eun, whom she has been desperately looking for, is shamelessly next to Yi Chul, Ji Changu2019s father. Hye Ji takes up the new name of Do Eun and blames Hye Won for the misfortune. Do Eun is having an affair with Yi Chul of JY Group, and her plan of becoming his wife gets interrupted as Hye Won gets in her way as the daughter-in-law of Yi Chul. The two sisters have been living as strangers for 20 years, and now they meet again as the women of two men who are father and son. They have no choice but to fight for their lives cold-bloodedly. Until where will their tragedy go?

Tags Drama,Melodrama,Soap Opera,Lee So-yeon ,Ha Yeon-joo,Oh Chang-seok,Jang Se-hyun,The Two Sisters,KBS

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