The Promise of Changan : E41


Halan Mingyu is a young, bright, and carefree noble lady. She meets Xiao Chengyu, the ninth prince of the neighboring Cheng Kingdom, and falls in love. However, the lovers' fate turns against them as she is misinformed that Chengyu died in the battle. To keep Chengyu's younger brother safe, Mingyu becomes a concubine to Xiao Chengrui, the third prince and Chengyu's half-brother. Chengyu grieves the cruel destiny, but he helps his brother to establish the great Cheng Dynasty. After becoming the new emperor, Chengrui gets jealous of Chengyu and his brilliance. And as the truth behind Chengyu's mother's death reveals, the relationship between Xiao brothers is in jeopardy.

Tags Drama,Historical,Romance,Cheng Yi,Zhao Yingzi,Han Dong,The Promise of Changan,Media Quiz

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