The Long Ballad : E33 - 07/19/2021


At the dawn of the Tang Dynasty, Lee Changge, the daughter of the Crown Prince, lost her father and brothers to her uncle, Li Shimin. Feeling betrayed by her teacher and favorite uncle, Changge tries and fails to kill him and runs away with the crown prince's seal. Arriving at Youzhou, Changge embroils in a dangerous situation and gets saved by Qin Zhun, a young merchant who passes by her. Changge runs away again to Shuozhou, and helps the governor fight against the grassland tribe that has been a rival against Tang. She meets Qin Zhun again, only he is not a merchant, but the fearless general and the adopted son of the Khan.

Tags Huace,drama,historical,The Long Ballad,Dilraba Dilmurat,Wu Lei,Liu Yuning,Zhao Lusi

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