The Legend of Dugu : E38


During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, the Dugu family got a prophecy, "He who has Dugu, has the world." Among 14 children of Dugu Xin, the patriarchy of the family, three girls got the most attention. Dugu Banruo, the eldest daughter, was wise and ambitious. She got married to the Royal Family of Northern Zhou to fulfill the prophecy. Dutu Mantuo, the fourth daughter, was burdened by her lower status than other sisters and dreamed of wealth and power. She intended to snatch her sister's fiance but ended up marrying the fiance's father. Dugu Jialuo, the youngest, is courageous and virtuous. After Mantuo breaks her betrothal, she got married to Mantuo's former fiance, Yang Jian. Three sisters later carved their name in Chinese history as the Empresses of three Dynasties.

Tags Drama ,Historical ,Hu Bingqing,Ady An,Li Yixiao,The Legend of Dugu,HK Regen

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