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The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won : E12


Lee Bang Won is the fifth son of General Lee Seong Gye, the founder of Joseon. He has lofty ideals and the power to make them happen. Lee Seong Gye is a great man who knows how to embrace people and see through the world. At the end of Goryeo, a dynasty on its deathbed, Lee Bang Won harbors an ambition to change the world for the people who struggle to survive. He helps his father and prepares for the great work with Jeong Do Jeon and many others. In the process, he kills Goryeo's loyal subject, Jeong Mong Ju. Lee Bang Won thus took the initiative in founding the new dynasty, destroying the old regime of Goryeo, and establishing the new order of Joseon. The new world is established, and Lee Bang Won is about to clash with Lee Seong Gye over the royal power. Will the son move in a new direction?

Tags Drama,Historical,Joo Sang-wook,Park Jin-hee,Kim Young-chul,Ye Ji-won,Taejong Lee Bang Won,KBS

The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won - Episode

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