Sweet Proposal : E11 - 11/21/2022


Hyo-dong has the talent to become a great chef, but his dream is not to inherit his father's restaurant, Hyodong's, but to make a load of money and have a splash life. One day, he has a crush on Hee-ae, a culinary academy student, and wanders around to see her more. Hee-ae is the daughter of the owner of a famous Chinese restaurant, Golden Dragon, and dreams of continuing the family business as a chef. She also likes Hyo-dong, who relentlessly expresses his affection. Still, the two have a unique family history hindering their relationship: the fathers had become rivals after studying culinary under the same master. The competition has passed down to their son and daughter, and Hyo-dong and Hee-ae become rivals even though they love each other.

Tags Drama,Romance,Jung joon,Son Ye-jin,So Ji-sub,So Yoo-jin,Sweet Proposal,MBC

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