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Su Ji and U Ri : E38 - 05/16/2024


[3/25~, Updated on Weekdays] Su Ji is a psychiatrist at Haedeul Hospital and a celebrity who is considered the most sought-after for variety shows. In addition to medical treatment, she is a hot shot who has never slept more than three hours a day due to tight schedules such as broadcasts, book concerts, and fan signing events. However, her perfect life, which seemed to be on a roll forever, starts to fall apart. It all begins with Choi U Ri, the new doctor. He is talented, humorous, and full of justice. Therefore, in the eyes of a doctor who believes understanding and trust of patients are the top priority, Su Ji seems to be a selfish person who only cares about her own success, and they naturally become enemies in the hospital. However, when Su Ji disappears due to various scandals, he starts to understand her pain. What will happen between Su Ji and U Ri, who were at each other's throats from the beginning?

Tags Drama,family,soap opera,Hahm Eun Jung,Baek Sung Hyun,Su Ji And U Ri,KBS

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