Season of the Sun : E86


This revenge drama centers around an orphan who sets his eyes on success. Abused by the foster parents, he has overcome the unhappy childhood and become a good man. He has a long-time girlfriend, Shi-wol, who he wants to make a happy family with. Hopes and dreams, however, get taken away from him in the result of an unfortunate incident. Yu-wol has lost everything, including the love of his life to an heir of the big conglomerate, Yangji. After changing his name to Tae-yang (the Sun, as he called his girlfriend), Yu-wol is on the road of massive success as an investor. Now, he gets ready for his ultimate battle that can take Yangji into his bare hand.

Tags Drama,Oh Chang-seok, Yoon So-yi, Choi Sung-jae?, Ha Si-eun, Hwang Bum-sik, Jung Han-yong, Choi Jeong-woo, Lee Duk-hee, Lee Sang-sook, Kim Na-woon, Yoo Tae-woong, Ji Chan, Kim Joo-ri

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