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Revolutionary Sisters : E38 - 07/18/2021


Created by Moon Young-nam, Revolutionary Sisters is a home drama with comedy, mystery, and thriller elements. Lee Chul-soo, a drain cleaner, has three daughters, all of whom he gave boys' names to have a son that would carry the family line. Despite his desperate wish, he never has a son, and the daughters loathe him now. After a few decades, his wife finally files for divorce. Lee refuses to settle, and his daughters are persuading him to let their mother free. Then, a tragedy strikes him: his wife gets murdered. While Lee pleads his innocents, investigation reveals more questions than answers. Can the Lee family survive after these critical ups and downs?

Tags KBS2, Drama, Comedy, Revolutionary Sisters, Yoon Joo-sang, Hong Eun-hui, Jeon Hye-bin, Ko Won-hee

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