Perfect Couple : E02


Yu Qi Ring is looking for her foster mother's son. She has discovered that he is Yuan Bao, a young master from Jin Family, and wants to make sure he is him by checking out the proof - a birthmark on his body. She goes to the Capital and stays in an inn, where Jiang Xiao Xuan from the Jiang family, who will marry Yuan Bao in the coming days, also stays. But, one night before the wedding, the bride runs away, and Qi Ring pretends to be Xiao Xuan to get through the wedding. As a couple from an arranged marriage, the two promised to do what they should, but the outside threats that threaten to shake the two families' bond make them work together and fall in love along the way.

Tags Drama,Romance,Comedy,Wallace Huo,Tiffani Tang, Wang Yang,Angela Gong,Perfect Couple,CICTV

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