Patissier : E01 - 12/11/2019


At Christmas, celebrities become patissiers! PATISSIERS follows three celebrities to make the one-and-only dessert for Christmas. The three challengers are known for their well-trained cooking skills: Hwang Kwang-hee once hosted a cooking show; Caoru has featured several food shows; Sunny was the winner of a celebrity cooking competition show. They develop recipes for Christmas dessert, make them, and sell the dishes to the customers by themselves. Celebrity chefs and patissiers will be the amateur patissiers' mentors, giving them candid reviews and helpful advice for the recipes.

Tags JTBC,variety,reality,cooking,food,baking,dessert,Patissier,Hwang Kwang-hee, Sunny, Caolu, Lee Won-il, Yang Ji-hae, Yoo Min-joo

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