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Never Twice : E06


Nakwon Inn, a small inn located in the middle of Seoul since the 1940s, is now a place for the lonely and worn-out people who has nowhere to go. Bak-ha, a young mother with a baby, settles in the inn after her husband tragically died. Mak-rye, the owner of the inn, is hot-tempered and stubborn, yet she takes Bak-ha under her wings and provides comfort to her. Other guests also welcome Bak-ha with the embraces. A mysterious senior who is Mak-rye's first love, a hard-working but unemployed couple, or a golfer with less talkative and more caring and other long-term residents become Bak-ha's new family. The series focuses on these people who turn their failure and desperation into the drive for the comeback and delivers exciting and heartfelt stories of ordinary people around us.

Tags MBC, drama, never twice, Youn Yuh-jung, Park Se-wan, Kwak Dong-yeon, Oh Ji-ho, Ye Ji-won, Park A-in, Song Won-seok , Joo Hyun, Han Jin-hee, Park Jun-geum, Hwang Young-hee, Jung Seok-yong, Ko Soo-hee

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