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My Sibling's Romance : Episode 16


What if you went on a dating show only to find your sibling in the room next door? Under the watchful eyes of each other, siblings have gathered to seek their significant others. For 24 hours, they must hold their laughter and urge to cringe as they watch their siblings flirt and make physical contact with their date. Here is the star-studded host of the show! Han Hye Jin, a blunt critic, Code Kunst, a dating show expert, BamBam from a family of four siblings, MIYEON, the only child who has dreamed of having a sweet elder brother, and Jonathan and Patricia, the hottest siblings in Korea. Let's join them to delve into the interesting relationships of siblings. Will your sibling prove to be the cupid that helps you find your love or the villain who ruins your romance?

Tags Variety,romance,reality show,Han Hye Jin,CODE KUNST,BamBam,Jonathan Yiombi,Patricia Thona Yiombi,My Sibling's Romance,Wavve America

My Sibling's Romance - Episode

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