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Moonshine : E10


In a fictional Joseon era when the most robust prohibition law reigns, Nam Young, a young man who passed the national exam first on the list, starts his life as a government official in the capital. The city is much messier than expected, and the most significant threat for him is his landlady. Kang Ro-seo, a young girl from a disgraced noble family, brews moonshine to pay back massive debt. What she didn't expect was she gets embroiled with the crown prince, who can't sleep without a cup of wine, and the city's most prominent merchant and his gangs. But, the most annoying person is the tenant of her house, who happens to be the government inspector.

Tags Drama,Historical,Romance,Yoo Seung-ho,Hyeri,Byun Woo-seok,Kang Mi-na,Moonshine,KBS

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