Love and Redemption : E08


Once upon a time, the world was dominated by three clans: celestials, humans, and Asuras. The new king of Asuras started a war with the celestials, and a general of the Asura Clan, The Star of Mosha, stood out amongst the warriors. However, he suddenly disappeared and was encapsulated by the heavenly hero, the god of war. One thousand years later, the rest of the Asuras, once again plotting against the celestials to bring the world doomed, find out that the Star of Mosha and God of War would be born as humans. In the humans' world, the famous five wushu sects hold a tournament every four years to compete against each other. There, Chu Xuanji from Shaoyang Sect has a crush on Yu Sifeng from the Li Ze Palace.

Tags Drama,Fantasy,Romance,Cheng Yi,Yuan Bingyan,Zang Yuxi,Liu Xueyi,Love and Redemption,HK Regen

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