Legend of Lu Zhen : E22


Lu Zhen, the only female court minister in Chinese history, was a daughter of a porcelain merchant. When her stepmother tried to kick her out to get all the family wealth, Lu Zhen ran away and got acquainted with Prince Gao Zhan. Prince Zhan also has a similar issue: when he got taken away his right to succeed to the crown by the evil plot by Empress Nu, his stepmother, who wanted to make her own son, Prince Yan, the Emperor, he swore revenge on the Empress. Lu Zhen enters the Palace as a maid and meets Prince Zhan again. The two help each other get through the dangerous life in the Palace.

Tags Drama,Historical,Zhao Liying,Chen Xiao,Qiao Renliang,Yang Rong,Legend of Lu Zhen,CITVC

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