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Kkondae Intern : E12 - 07/01/2020


Lee Man-sik, 61, was a dedicated company man who retired just one step before becoming an executive. He was confident that he would get a job again, but he hasn't gotten a proper chance. That's why he applies and gets a 'senior intern' position at 'Junsoo Food,' the rival company of Ongol. But his second act is destined to head a rough road. Ga Yeol-chan, his new boss and Marketing/Promotion Team leader, is praised as a perfect worker. He always works hard and efficiently, takes care of his teammates, and has a perfect work/life balance. He became the ideal man in every way because of Man-sik: five years ago, Man-sik was the condescending boss who discouraged Yeol-chan and made him quit the job. Yeol-chan is confident that he can be a nice boss to him, but he soon finds himself to be the 'Kkondae' to his former boss.

Tags MBC, Drama, Comedy, Kkondae Intern, Park Hae-jin, Kim Eung-soo, Han Ji-eun, Park Ki-woong, Park A-in

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