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Immortal Songs 2 : Trot Young Legend Special Part 2 - 05/18/2024


The All-New “Immortal Song" for 2011!

Immortal Songs is a music competition show that airs every Saturday, and the show is hosted by a talented comedian, Shin Dong Yeob. Also, comedian Kim Joon-hyun and young trot star Lee Chan-won appear on the show to shine the waiting room. Each episode covers one legendary singer or singer-songwriter of Korea’s pop history, and talented singers and idol singers join the show to compete against each other to win the trophy while the audience votes for the winner every round. So far, over hundreds of heartwarming stages were performed and many new artists were discovered. Who will shine on the stage and becomes the new rising star of Immortal Songs? Also, who will win the trophy? Stay tuned and check out the winners of every legendary episode!

Tags Variety,music,competition,concert,Shin Dong-yeop,Kim Jun-hyun,Lee Chan-won,Immortal Songs 2,KBS

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