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Hype Boy Scout : Episode 9


They are nowhere to be found, yet they could be anywhere! A Hype Boy Scout project that will perfectly satisfy the viewers' desires unfolds. Tak Jae Hoon, the original all-rounder hypeboy who can sing, dance, entertain, and act, takes on the entertainment business with the grand dream of becoming the CEO of one of the top five agencies. With his ability to scan people in just three seconds, he decides to hold auditions to gather attractive and unique individuals. At Unicorn Entertainment, the employees with sharp discernment include the top-tier comedian Jang Dong Min, known for his witty talk, Yujeong, the excellent dopamine hunter, and SUNWOO, the very embodiment of a hypeboy who represents MZ employees. Who will pass the strict audition of these four and fully satisfy our desires?

Tags Variety,music,competition,audition show,Tak Jae Hoon,Jang Dong Min,Yujeong,Sun Woo,Hypeboy scout,ENA,Wavve America

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