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How to Buy a Friend : E02 - 04/07/2020


Chan-hong is an average high school student: He is so normal in every way that he doesn't get attention. His under-the-radar life is over because of a poem he wrote: he tweaks some rap lyrics, and he gets selected to represent the school in the writing contest. Suddenly, he does get attention from a lot of people: among them is the perfect and beautiful Se-yoon, who Chan-hong cannot dare to be a friend. Dae-yong, the school's No. 1 bully, starts harassing him; And, Don-hyuk, the new student and a former gangster, also approaches to Chan-hong. Feeling guilty of his girlfriend's suicide a year ago, Don-hyuk is investigating the truth behind the incident. When he finds a clue in the clause that Chang-hong wrote in the poem, the two boys make a pact to be friends to serve their own purposes.

Tags KBS, Drama, Mystery, How to Buy a Friend, Lee Sin-young, Shin Seung-ho, Kim So-hye, Oh Hee-joon, Min Do-hee

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