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High Kick : E64 - 08/15/2022


[2 episodes updated everyday] Highkick focuses on three generations of the Lee Family. The family's eldest and patriarch, Soon-jae, is strict and selfish. His wife, Moon-hee, has endured his unpredictable personality for decades while running the household. Joon-ha, the elder son of the couple, recently lost his job and depended on Hae-mi, his wife and the doctor working at Soon-jae's traditional medical center. The grandsons, Min-ho and Yoon-ho, are vastly different in many ways despite being brothers. And there is Min-yong, Soon-jae's youngest, who just got divorced and kicked out of his own house. With Min-ho's girlfriend Min-young, Yoon-ho's best friend Beom, and Min-yong's co-worker Min-jung, the Lee family's daily lives are full of boisterous happenings.

Tags Drama,comedy,Lee Soon-jae,Na Moon-hee,Jung Joon-ha,Park Hae-mi,High Kick,MBC

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