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Gold Mask : E02


Soo Yeon got married because she believed in love. However, people she trusted as her family put on a scheme, and Soo Yeon was at the center of a hideous scandal. In the end, the scandal is revealed to the public, and Soo Yeon is stigmatized because of it. People behind these plots and deceptions were her husband Jin Woo and Hwa Yeong, her mother-in-law. Hwa Yeong is a woman of desire who wishes to keep her position in the upper social class. Hwa Yeong wasn't pleased with Soo Yeon and always looked down on her. But Soo Yeon is a Cinderella of the 21st century, and she tries her best to stand up and protect the people she loves.

Tags Drama,Soap Opera,Cha Ye-ryun,Lee Hyun-jin,Lee Joong-moon,Yeon Min-ji,Gold Mask,KBS

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