God of War, Zhao Yun : E10 - 02/08/2020


Emperor of Eastern Han orders two trusted soldiers, Zhao An and Li Quan, to protect two precious swords. Dong Zhuo, the warlord who mobilized the insurgency, dispatched the army to find the swords. When they track Zhao An in Changshan years later, Zhao gives his sword to his son, Zilong, and orders him to see Li. Zilong finds Li, learns the story about swords, and becomes his student. Meanwhile, a young general named Gao Ze uses bandits to lure out "the Iron Mask" that has one of the precious swords. Xiahou Qing Yi, who is engaged to Gao, runs away after hearing his fiance comes to Changshan. She is embroiled in the battle to capture the Iron Mask and meets Zilong. Zilong and Qing Yi hate each other at first, but they gradually fall in love with each other. But the war among warlords become aggressive, and their future together seems remotely possible.

Tags chinese content,drama,historical,costume,romance,god of war zhao yun,Kenny Lin, Im Yoon-ah, Kim Jeong-hoon, Jia Ting, Godfrey Tsao

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