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Game of Witches : E105


An explosive story of vengeance of two women victimized by a great evil. Yoo-kyung is a successful businesswoman who has only one goal in her life. She has to get revenge, and she is waiting for the right time under the nose of her foe. That time has finally arrived, but her whole plan is in jeopardy because of a wrong choice she made years ago. Nineteen years ago, when she found her lost daughter in an orphanage, she kept an interest in a little girl she wished to be her daughter. It turns out that the girl, Hye-soo, is her biological daughter, while her daughter, Se-young, is not. That confusion suffers Hye-soo a great deal, and when she loses the love of her life to Se-young, Hye-soo swears revenge on those who stole her life.

Tags Drama,Soap Opera,Jang Seo-hee,Kim Kyu-seon,Oh Chang-seok, Lee Hyun-seok,Game of Witches,MBC

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