Everybody Say Kungdari : E87


Kung-da li is a small rural town near the border between two Koreas. As Korea peninsula is in a peaceful mood, the village is crowded with those who seek opportunities to develop the town's lands. Bo-mi, who was adopted to an American family 32 years ago, comes back to her hometown. Her only wish right now is to know why she was abandoned when she was only six years old. Su-ho is another newcomer who decides to settle in Kung-da li. He once succeeded in Wall Street. Recently widowed, he comes back to Korea to search for a natural cure for his daughter's disease. Bo-mi and Su-ho work together to protect the town's land against the developers. Mrs. Cho, who leads those who are for the development, clashes against Bo-mi constantly. However, Cho's hatred towards Bo-mi seems more than resentment towards an opponent.

Tags drama,everybody say kungdari,mbc,Park Si-eun, Kim Ho-jin , Lee Bo-hee, Kang Seok-jung, Seo Hye-jin, Choi Ji-won, Kim Tae-yul, Seo Sung-kwang, Lee Jang-yu, Myung Ji-yun, Park Hye-jin, Choi Soo-rin, Par

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