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Do You Like Brahms? : E16 - 10/20/2020


Song-a, a classical music student who is in the graduating class, hesitates to become professional. Though she gets accepted from the music college after four tries, her performance and grades have been very low. She refuses to confess her love to her friend, fearing she can lose the only haven. On one summer day, when Song-a is in agony because of uncertain future and unrelinquished love, she listens to Joon-young's piano and cries. Joon-young is a world-renowned pianist who was a scholarship student of a foundation. He has loved Jung-kyung, the granddaughter of Ms. Na, who runs the foundation and supports him for a long time. However, due to his circumstances, he decides to give up his love and stop playing 'Traumerei,' the piece of music he played thinking of her. That's when he meets Song-ah, who says his performance makes her moved.

Tags SBS, drama, romance, Do You Like Brahms?, Park Eun-bin, Kim Min-jae, Kim Sung-chul, Park Ji-hyeon

Do You Like Brahms? - Episode

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