Border : E08


Ango Ishikawa, a detective from Homicide Squad, arrives at a crime scene where a fellow policeman was murdered. As he looks around the scene just like he always does, he find a strange man and chase him. That's when he gets shot. He managed to survive, but the bullet is left at the unoperatable part of his brain. After that, Ishikawa gets a unique gift: he can see and talk with the dead who appears in front of him. Three months later, Ishikawa is back in the field, investigating a homicide case that a family was brutally murdered. The prime suspect has an alibi, and the police haven't found a definite evidence to lock on the case. Ishikawa feels helpless that he might lose the best chance to solve the case. In that, the victims appears to him and provide the potential lead to catch the culprit.

Tags TV Asahi, Japanese, drama, crime, investigation, Shun Oguri, Aoki, Munetaka, Haru, Endo Kenichi, Arata Furuta, Kenichi Takito, Toru Nomaguc, Hamano Kenta

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